Toilet Kitty

Welcome to Laugh Out Loud Monday (aka LOL Monday): because, like my favorite fat cat, I hate Mondays, I thought, “What better way to start the week than with a laugh?”

I almost felt bad laughing, but this toilet kitty video was just too funny not to. Here’s hoping your week gets off to a better start than this poor feline’s.

5 Responses to “Toilet Kitty”

  1. I did laugh out loud, but envisioned the “toilet water” cleanup, and drying off the cat.

    Do you know why you hate Mondays? Is there anything to be done to fix that? I am “retired” so may have forgotten about the adjustments needed to shift from the weekend to the beginnings of a work week. Grin. And now it is Tuesday, so you are off and running on the rest of the week. Take care!

    • vripple says:

      It’s that shift from the laid back ways of spending family time to the routine driven must-remember-every-detail pressure of the work week that I hate. I think that’s what Jim Davis hints at on his comic strip.

      Plus I just love spending time with family, so come Monday I have to accept we’ll be separated for longer than a few minutes.

      Anyway, that’s my reasoning for not liking Monday.

  2. Funny! Poor little kitty, though.

    Here’s my thought on Monday – I look at them as a shiny new beginning to the week. Anything is possible and the day is just brimming with opportunity. That’s why I call my posts Magical Monday. I can see why you don’t like them, though. Time away from family is never fun. : (

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