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To celebrate sending my newest book, Treasure of the Malkin, to my beta readers, I have 1 Signed War of the Malkin Paperback Book to offer in this awesome Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway (Oct. 28-Nov. 10).

As an added bonus three winners will receive a code for a FREE Secrets of the Malkin audiobook narrated by the fabulous voice talent of Angel Clark.

Enter as many times as you like, but do it before 11:59 p.m. CST, Nov. 10, 2016, or you’ll miss your chance to receive this fantastic signed edition of War of the Malkin and one of three codes for a FREE Secrets of the Malkin audiobook.

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Both of these novellas in Virginia Ripple’s Malkin series are clean sword and sorcery fantasies for ages 9 and older. If you like J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter or Erin Hunter’s Warriors, then you’ll love this series that combines their best traits of magic, mystery and talking cats.

Want to know what’s coming in the next adventure? Here’s the description for Treasure of the Malkin:

When demons rise, only a time-traveling feline can save the world.

Henry is the Librarian, or was until a demon from the Horde thrust him into the future. Now he’s a magical talking cat in a time where no such thing exists. After a being hit by a car, he strikes an uneasy friendship with an unassuming human named Liz, whose inquisitiveness rivals his own. Hoping to find a way back to his time, Henry asks Liz to grant him a final favor before he leaves: to visit the grand opening of the new Ancient Mysteries wing of the local library. While admiring the exhibits from his own time, Henry discovers someone has plans to raise the demon Horde using an ancient magical artifact tucked away in the library’s collection. With no one else to turn to, Henry and Liz work to stop the threat before the demons rise and bring the end of the world with them.

Here are the descriptions for the giveaway books:

Secrets of the Malkin:

5-minute audio sample

In a world of magical talking cats, Nadine was just another feline social worker…
…until she learns a secret that can save the world… and get her killed.

After a narrow escape from orphaned teenagers determined to use her for target practice, Nadine, a feline social worker, is left terrified and wonder if there’s a way humans and felines can live together in peace in this post-plague world. She finds the answer in a story about a magical cat called the Baruhk Sh’Toole. Unfortunately, she disappeared years ago, taking her secrets with her. With only a map of the queen’s last known location and a vague story to go on, the she-cat leaves for an adventure to the Outer Reaches, a place where trappers will skin a cat alive and then consider killing it. There she must befriend a priest and hope he knows where to find the cat who can heal the world, but doesn’t want to be found. Can a naive young social worker uncover the secrets of the Baruhk Sh’Toole and heal the widening rift between humans and cats or is Nadine doomed to be one more victim in the war?

War of the Malkin:

When demons threaten humanity, a shy cat will rise up. 3 novellas. 350+ pages of magic and adventure.

In a world full of magical talking cats, Nadine was just another hard-working feline until an attack on her life gave her abilities she never dreamed existed. With the sudden understanding of what is really behind the war between humans and cats, Nadine must learn to use her new powers or watch her friends, and the rest of humanity, burn.


Remember, you may enter the Signed War of the Malkin PLUS free Secrets of the Malkin audoibook code Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway as many times as you like, but do it before 11:59 p.m. CST, Nov. 10, 2016, for your chance to win.

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