Thanking My Cheerleader… The Star Wars Way

If you’re new to this blog, you may not know my husband is a Star Wars geek.

Oh yeah.

We’ve got every movie, including the latest Clone Wars, in more than one format and a house full of action figures — and that doesn’t include the comic books and paperback novels. Thankfully he’s not as into this cult phenomena as some, but I know more about Star Wars than I ever thought possible.

DH is also my biggest cheerleader. He may not always understand why I write, nor why I chose a cat as the protagonist for my first work of fiction, but he supports my dreams. For that I’m willing to watch as many SW videos as he wants and listen to hours of discussion on the history of the minor characters from story lines I didn’t know existed.

So when I find a funny video that combines kittens with Star Wars, you know I just have to share it. Enjoy!

Who is your cheerleader? What would you be willing to do to say thanks to that person?


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2 Responses to “Thanking My Cheerleader… The Star Wars Way”

  1. I love that video! Being a huge Star Wars fan myself, I truly appreciate the artist fun these folks had with this. Love how they purr at the end!

    • vripple says:

      I may not be as big a fan as a lot of people, but I love the little SW videos like these. What can be better than cats with lightsabers? 😀

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