The Scare Continues….

July 29th, 2012

In my last post I mentioned Roni Loren’s recent lawsuit where a photographer issued a Cease and Desist for a photo she had posted to one of her blog posts, then proceeded to sue her even after she had taken down the photo. I am not going to comment on the perceived rights or wrongs of the situation here. It is what it is and serves as a warning to the rest of us.

Instead, I am taking this time to alert all my blog readers and Pinterest followers that I have deleted all photos that are not mine with the exception of covers of books I have reviewed. All YouTube videos a merely links to the originals and are not hosted on this site.

It is my hope that everyone reading this will understand what the costs are and do as I intend to do from this day forward: learn the ins and outs of copyright and Fair Use, obtain permission or purchase a license for the picture, OR use your own.

At this time, I am more than willing to allow anyone to pin or re-pin my photos from this blog or any of my boards. However, please understand that I have asked permission to post the book covers from the authors for my use alone. Should you choose to re-pin one of those, I strongly recommend you contact the author before doing so.

I truly hope and pray good things come from this situation and we can all move forward on better understanding and trust.

No, You’re Not Seeing Double… LOL Monday Double Feature Video

April 2nd, 2012

DH and I were in a friendly competition last night as I scrolled through YouTube videos trying to find a funny one for today. I thought I had him with the Star Wars Injured Stormtrooper Parody, but I have to admit his Quadruplets video had me laughing so hard I was afraid I would wake The Blonde Blur.

Just because these are both too funny to miss, here’s our double feature LOL Monday videos:

Injured Stormtrooper-Star Wars parody