Oh No! Marion Has One Shoe!

March 5th, 2012

action figure Raiders of the Lost ArkThis little action figure of Marion RavenwoodĀ from Raiders of the Lost Ark caused quite a disturbance in our house yesterday. As you can see, she has only one shoe. She came that way. Unfortunately, my daughter, the Blonde Blur, didn’t think that was so cool.

First she looked around on the floor, thinking maybe it had fallen out of the package. Daddy told her the character the figure was based on lost her shoe in the movie and that was why this figure had only one shoe.

Blur got a bright idea, said she’d be right back and ran upstairs to check the TV. After all, if that was where the character lost her shoe, then that must be where it still was, right?

Very distraught, she came back downstairs and told Daddy she couldn’t find the shoe. I wish I could say we figured out a way to help her understand why the action figure had only one shoe, but in the end we resorted to distraction tactics — we played a funny video on the computer and hid the doll. *sigh*

Oh well. At least Daddy knows how to customize action figures, so Marion will soon have two shoes. Now I just wonder if Blur will notice that they aren’t the same white heels the figure came with. :S

In the mean time, enjoy these three De Lijn videos we used to distract the Blur. Happy Monday!


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