Little Or Big, God Answers Prayers

December 15th, 2011

It was a small prayer, nothing like praying for world peace (or even peace among family members). I wasn’t asking for a large miracle like healing someone of a life-threatening disease. In fact, my prayer was even a little bit selfish. Yet, there it was . Proof that God answers prayers was sitting on the table.

Upsetting discoveries…

Let me back up a bit.

If you read last Wednesday’s post, Season of Giving, Season of Sacrifice, you know my DH and I have been sacrificing many of our wants in order to pay down our debts. One of our sacrifices has been to cut back on Christmas presents. When I discovered DH had spent more on my gift than I had on his, I was heart-broken.

It’s not that I was upset about the money he spent on me. It’s that I know his primary love language is gifts. Obviously, it’s not mine or I would have already gotten him something awesome I knew he’d absolutely love. I moped around a bit, wondering what I could possibly get him to replace the gift I’d already purchased while not spending a huge amount of money.

While watching a show on Hulu, a couple nights later, we saw a funny commercial about men receiving Craftsman tools for Christmas. DH hinted that he’d probably react as giddy as the men on the commercial if someone gave him power tools for Christmas.

(Cue light bulb)

I knew what he really wanted. I knew where I could get it.

It cost more than I had.

(See light bulb explode)

An answer to every prayer…

As I’ve said before, prayer is a very important part of my life. I believe God answers prayers, every one of them. Sometimes God says no and sometimes yes. A lot of times God says not yet, but there is always an answer.

I had a problem. God had an answer. I had no idea what that answer would be, but I had faith. Either I’d be able to get the present or I would have to accept that what I had already gotten would have to do.

Later I read Jeremy Myers post Ask, Seek, Knock, in which he says we must ask in prayer, but then remember to pay attention to the possible opportunities God provides as answers to our prayer.

So that’s what I did. I thought about creative ways I could answer my own prayer and put them before God. I had faith God would lead me to the right solution that wouldn’t stretch our thin finances any further, but would allow me to get the power tools DH wanted for Christmas.

I had some ideas and a prayer and the rest I left up to God.

Happy endings…

At DH’s department Christmas party, they were giving away door prizes, mostly the typical fair of gift certificates. They called DH’s door prize ticket number. I had to hit his arm a couple times to get his attention so he could claim whatever it was. Next thing I know, there it was on the table, a Ryobi power drill and circular saw boxed set. God’s answer to my humble, if slightly selfish, prayer.

As we were leaving the party and DH was saying his farewells to his co-workers, I blinked away the tears and said thank you to the One responsible for this wonderful gift.

Why my story?

I’m not trying to brag. I’m not condoning praying for all our wants and expecting God to grant our wishes like some genie. No, I’m simply re-telling a story of how God can answer us when we ask, seek, knock. How little or big your prayer request is doesn’t matter. What does is taking time out to have a conversation with our Creator. Who knows what surprise God has in store for you.

When has God surprised you with an answer to your prayer?


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