God Sends A Helper To Us: Acts 2 1-13 and 1 Corinthians 2 10-16, 12 1-11

August 28th, 2014


Acts 2 1-13, 1 Corinthians 2 10-16 and 12 1-11

“They were all filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Acts 2:4

Few people have experienced the Holy Spirit in a rushing wind or tongues of flame that lead to speaking in a foreign language one has never studied. When we hear about people “speaking in tongues,” unless we were raised in a tradition that readily accepts even the idea as a possibility in this time period, we usually shrug it off as someone’s fevered imagination. And when we read Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians we may gloss over chapter 12’s acknowledgement of spiritual gifts, especially those we have never personally encountered before.

But it doesn’t matter to God whether we believe what the author of Acts says the disciples did or what Paul says about spiritual gifts or not. God promises to send the Holy Spirit, his personal helper, to each of his followers to aid us in doing what God has called us to do. As the writer of Acts says about the disciples in verse 2:4, “They were all filled with the Holy Spirit.” God didn’t ask each of Jesus’ followers if they believed the Holy Spirit would give them special abilities, nor did he ask them which abilities they wanted. As they sat together to pray and accepted God’s leading in their lives, God filled each of them with his Spirit so that they could do what he called them to do.

As you read Acts 2 1-13 and 1 Corinthians 2 10-16, 12 1-11, try to remember a time in your life in which God’s Spirit was working in you to help you follow God’s call. Then, download the Questions and Reflections and take some time to work through them before engaging in the Meditation Activities below.



Meditation Activites


Find a quiet place, preferably in nature, and take 10 to 20 minutes to contemplate what the above image means to you as it relates to the reading of Acts 21-13 and 1 Corinthians 2 10-16, 12 1-11, then choose as many of the following suggestions as you would like to express your thoughts and feelings outwardly.

  • In your journal, write a free-flow of thoughts and descriptive images as they come to you regarding the picture and its relationship to God sending the Holy Spirit to help you in whatever God calls you to do.
  • Identify a gift or talent you have or think you may have. Find ways to develop your gift, either by classes, workshops, books or some other means, then watch to see where God might want to use you.
  • Take time each day to quiet yourself and listen for God’s whisper.
  • Decide on your own creative way to express your feelings and thoughts regarding the picture and its relationship to God sending the Holy Spirit to help you in whatever God calls you to do.


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The eight sessions are:

  • Session 1 … God is always with us
  • Session 2 … God is in control
  • Session 3 … God keeps his promises
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  • Session 6 … God reveals himself to us
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Upon Review: Angels in Action by Diane Williams

June 10th, 2013

I love to curl up with a nice, steaming cup of tea and a free book to review. In fact I subscribe to three book review sites: Book CrashBook Rooster and The Bookplex just so I can indulge in my favorite leisure activity. What’s even better is when an author contacts me for a review. If you’re an author looking for someone to review your book or short story, check out my Request a Review page.

Because I like to share the great reads I’ve found (and warn readers of the not-so-great finds), I developed a system:

  • One cup — worse than a cup of luke warm black pekoe
  • Two cups — it may be hot, but you’ll need plenty of sweetener just to tolerate it
  • Three cups — it’s not my favorite, but it beats going without
  • Four cups — nice and hot and only needs a smidge of sweetener to be perfect
  • Five cups — loose leaf vanilla Earl Grey, yummy

Sometimes a book or story doesn’t warrant a five cup rating, but it’s so good it can’t be missed. For those I include the “Must Read” starburst in front of the cup rating. You’ll find my cup rating above the picture of the cover. Enjoy!


Angels in Action by Diane Williams

Five Cup Must Read



Here is the description that caught my attention:

Angels in Action demonstrates how the author called on the power of her Creator to bring about positive changes in her life. This compilation of twelve personal inspirational accounts tells of her experiences of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing; professional, familial, and financial trials; and building relationships. They demonstrate how a woman learns to live with the knowledge and strength afforded by a relationship with a power greater than herself, and how she is transformed into a healthy, whole individual by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through these stories the reader will gain a renewal of perspective and learn how to view obstacles in life as God showing His face in order for us, His children, to build strong, unshakable foundations.

The Good…

I could not put this book down. The stories are powerful and often brought me to tears because I could see the life lessons as my own. The entire book is written as if Williams is having a conversation with you, the reader, and makes everything feel so much more personal. Also, the morals/lessons are simple, easy to grasp, and not “preachy.”

The writing is nearly perfect. I’m a very picky reader (blame it on my English degree) and I only caught a couple technical errors in the entire book. Hoorah and kudos to her editor!

The Not-so-good…

It’s really difficult to find anything in this book that wasn’t good. If I had to select one thing, it would be the first story, but only because it made me wary that the rest of the book would be an advertisement for the unusual diet program Williams went on. I was very glad I put my skepticism aside and read on because my hesitation was unwarranted.

The Overall…

This book came at the right time in my life to help me move forward in my faith. If you’re looking for a direction, searching to know God better or just need a little boost in your prayer life, Angels in Action by Diane Williams may be just the book you’re looking for.