The Lenten Tradition: Prayer and Bible Studies To Help You Prepare For Easter

February 18th, 2015

Easter is quickly approaching and I believe the time leading up to that exciting Sunday is important to every Christian. Because of this, I’m offering a great deal on my ebooks and Bible studies that can help you prepare during this season of prayer. But first…

A brief history of Lent…

Lent is known as a time for prayerful preparation for the remembrance of Jesus’s death and resurrection. Christians often give up something during Lent like a bad habit, junk food or, more traditionally, red meat.

The season begins with Fat Tuesday (also commemorated by Mardi Gras) in which one consumes all the stuff one plans to get rid of over Lent.

Then on Ash Wednesday, we enter a time of repenting and prayer. Some attend church services in which they are prayed over and anointed with an ash cross on their forheads, a symbol of penitence.

The culmination of Lent is called Holy Week, which begins with Palm Sunday,  then proceeds through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday to Easter. Each of these days is important in the Christian calendar with Palm Sunday being the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem, Maundy Thursday being the night of the disciples last supper with Jesus, Good Friday the day of the crucifixion and, of course, Easter is the glorious resurrection of Christ.

If you want more in-depth information on Lent and its history, you might enjoy reading this wiki.

History is great, but what can I do to prepare?

As I mentioned earlier, people often give up bad habits and junk food during Lent as a way to understand in a very limited way the sacrifice Jesus made for us. However, there’s also another trend in which you begin a new, better habit as a way to celebrate the new life His sacrifice gave us.

Two great habits you can choose from are a consistent prayer life and regular Bible study.

Limited Time offer…

To help you get started, I’ve reduced the prices on my ebooks Simply Prayer and both my ebook Bible studies, Fear Not! Discovering God’s Promises For Our Lives and Trust God! No Matter What…, to $.99 on Amazon from Feb. 18 through Feb. 23, 2015.

You can also “Pay What You Want” for the Simply Prayer audiobook and One Servant’s Heart — Vol. 1, a compilation of six inspirational messages.

Scroll down for a list of these books with links to the Amazon purchase page and the link to the audiobook purchase pages.

God promises to be with us through everything,
encouraging us to trust him through every situation we encounter.

Individuals and groups alike will find themselves
discovering that every day is a new opportunity to see God’s touch on their lives as they journey through scripture to uncover that:

    • No Matter Who You Are…
    • No Matter How You Feel…
    • No Matter What People Do…
    • No Matter What Happens..
    • No Matter Where You Are…
    • No Matter How Little You Have…
    • No Matter What You’ve Done…
    • No Matter How Old You Are…

    Trust God!

    Ebook version available for $.99 on Kindle Feb. 18 through Feb. 23, 2015.



    Get six Bible based, inspirational messages by Virginia Ripple from the blog One Servant’s Heart all in one .zip file.

    Messages include:

      • Called to Forgive Called to Serve
      • New Beginnings
      • No Fear In Love
      • The Boneyard
      • The Dirty Little Penny
      • The Hardest Commandment

      Pay What You Want for the audiobook.


      Simply Prayer ebook

      When we find ourselves stymied by what we think prayer should look like, it’s time to step back and think like a child. God loves each of us and wants to hear from us.

      Prayer can be as complex as we want or as simple as we need, but sometimes we need a little help getting started. In this book you’ll discover the basics of:

        • What prayer is
        • Why we pray
        • How to pray
        • How to know your prayers are answered

        From repetitions to labyrinths to dancing to journals, it is all Simply Prayer.

        Ebook version available for $.99 on Kindle Feb. 18 through Feb. 23, 2015.
        Or Pay What You Want for the audiobook.


        Fear Not
        When life seems impossible to cope with, God reaches out to remind us of his promises for our lives. Journey through scripture to meet God in new and unexpected ways as you discover what it means to “Fear Not!”

        Anyone can use Fear Not to meet God in new and unexpected ways.  Each of the eight sessions begins with an introduction, then moves on to a scripture reading (included), questions to ponder, a meditation picture and lastly a list of possible hands-on projects you can do.

        The eight sessions are:

          • Session 1 … God is always with us
          • Session 2 … God is in control
          • Session 3 … God keeps his promises
          • Session 4 … God keeps us safe
          • Session 5 … God provides for us
          • Session 6 … God reveals himself to us
          • Session 7 … God gives us new life
          • Session 8 … God sends a Helper to us

          Ebook version available for $.99 on Kindle Feb. 18 through Feb. 23,2015.

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