No Matter Who You Are… Trust God! Matthew 8 5-13

January 28th, 2015


Matthew 8 5-13

“Jesus said to the centurion,
“Go your way. Let it be done for you as you have believed.” His servant was healed in that hour.”

Matthew 8:13

I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I find it hard to believe God will grant me a favor, no matter how big or small it might be. It’s not that I believe God can’t do what I ask. The problem is something much more insidious. I don’t believe I deserve God’s help and, therefore, God has no obligation or desire to help me.

The centurion didn’t believe he had the right to ask Jesus into his home, but he did have faith that, despite that shortcoming, Jesus would honor his request. Jesus was astounded by the man’s faith. He would have healed the man’s servant regardless, but the centurion’s simple belief made his story so important that Matthew made sure we would hear about it hundreds of years later.

God’s grace is like that. We don’t deserve it, but God reaches down and lifts us up anyway. We can ask God for anything, knowing we are as undeserving as the centurion, and that God will answer us anyway, maybe not in a way we hope, but our prayers will always be answered. We can trust God no matter who we are.


We know we don’t deserve your love or the gifts you have given us. We know we have no right to ask you to come to our aid, but you reach out to us anyway. Help us accept your grace, your love and your guidance in our lives. We thank you that you care so much for us and ask you to help us see others as you see us.

In Jesus’ Name,


Questions and Reflections

As you read Matthew 8:5-13, try to remember a time in your life in which you needed to ask God for help and then needed to trust God to answer your prayer. Then, take some time to work through the Questions and Reflections before engaging in the Meditation Activities.



Meditation Activites


Find a quiet place, preferably in nature, and take ten to 20 minutes to contemplate what the above image means to you as it relates to the reading of Matthew 8:5-13, then choose as many of the following suggestions as you would like to express your thoughts and feelings outwardly

  • In your journal, write a free-flow of thoughts and descriptive images as they come to you, or draw a picture regarding the photo and its relationship to trusting God will help you in your crises.
  • Create a two collages from pictures and words, one showing how you felt before and during a past crisis and one revealing how you felt after God had brought you through it.
  • Tell a friend, or God, about your thoughts and feelings concerning the picture and its relationship to trusting God will help you in your crises.
  • Decide on your own creative way to express your feelings and thoughts regarding the picture and its relationship to God being with you.


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