Promotional Event: 99 Authors, 99 Titles, for 99 Cents

December 9th, 2012

We are helping to organize a one day promotional event for 99 authors, 99 books, all for 99 cents each for one day only. The event is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 21, 2012. All genres and age groups will be included. There will be rafflecopter giveaways that total $990 worth of prizes! For the participating bloggers, you will be entered to win $500 for posting! Participating blogs will be sent the promotional posting information, easy to copy/paste, that will include the link to find the titles and for your readers to enter the giveaways. You will not have to post all 99 titles on your blog. This is to help gain awareness for the event as a whole. There will be an event banner to show your participation. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this short form.

Promotion in conjunction with The Indie Bookshelf and Jillian Dodd.
Below are some of the participating authors. A full list to come later.

Young Adult:

Jillian Dodd
Michelle Warren
Andrea Randall
Tiffany King
Ashley Wilcox
Jen Sterling
Sarah Billington
Lani Wendt Young
Michelle Mankin

Other authors:

C J Lyons
Diane Capri
Bob Mayer
Jen Talty
Steena Holmes
B C Burgess
Christine DeMaio-Rice
Cheryl Bradshaw
Maggie Myers
Elena Aitken
Melissa Brown
Charles Sheehan-Miles
Tammy Coons
Blaine Reimer
Colin Falconer
C A Kunz
Raine Thomas
C C Mackenzie
Suzanne Rock
Patricia Sands
Joanna Penn