Slow Progress Is Still Progress

courage and single-mindedness overcomes fear

Last weeked DH and I took our daughter, Blur, to a park. It was so amazing to watch her play on the slides with the other kids.

I admit I was stressed the whole time because the slides were so much taller than anything she’d previously slid down and the kids were zooming around, pushing past Blur in their excitement. Our daughter, on the other hand, didn’t seem to notice any of it. Even though she’s developed a fear of heights, she was determined to enjoy one of her favorite activities.

She took her time, concentrating on her goal of getting to the top of the chosen slide and then waited until she’d psyched herself up to let go. Each grin as she zipped down was precious.

She was slower going up and needed a lot of time to convince herself the ride was worth the fear, which irritated some of the other kids. They had to wait or find another slide to go down. Sometimes they pushed by on the stairs. Thankfully the slides and stairs were encased in safety bars or I would have been frantic, not just stressed.

It didn’t matter to Blur how fast the other kids were going or that they pushed her aside. She never missed a step. Always cautious and ever mindful of her goal, she made her way to the top of the slide and enjoyed the ride down.

When we left the park, I was still amazed at my daughter’s single-mindedness and courage. She showed me what it means to be confident in yourself and your ambitions. Even the one time she tried to climb the ladder instead of the stairs and got stuck, she kept her cool andĀ focusedĀ on finding a way out of her predicament so she could accomplish her goal of sliding down another time.

I wonder what I could accomplish if I followed her example. If I stopped agonizing over my slow progress and the other “kids” zooming around, if instead I concentrated just on my goal, what would happen?

How about you? What could you do if you had the courage and single-mindedness of a child intent on just one more slide?

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