Request a Review

Recently I’ve received a lot of requests for book reviews. Love it.

Unfortunately there is only one me and my time, like everyone’s, is limited. So, at this time I am not accepting any more books for review. If I have already agreed to review your book, please check the queue to see where it is in the line up.

I’ll post here, on my blog and on my Facebook Page when I will be accepting new books.



I’ve put together a few quick Do’s and Don’t’s for you to look at before you email a request. Here they are in no particular order:


  • Let me know what format you will be sending your book in. I prefer ebooks, but print is fine so long as I know ahead.
  • Send: Paranormal, Science Fiction or Fantasy. If it’s Christian as well, that’s just icing on the cake.
  • Ask me if I’d be interested in reading your book if it doesn’t fit into either the DO or DON’T send categories I’ve listed. Although those are my faves and least faves, I’ve been known to read a wide variety of things outside those genres.


  • Send: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Erotica or Chick Lit. I know I’ve reviewed a few romances in the past, but those were difficult for me to finish and even more difficult to be objective about.
  • Send Children’s Books unless you’re positive it would appeal to adults as well. I often read these to my daughter and get her take on them as well, but I tend to be a lot more critical than the average child. Unless the story is exceptional (we’re talking Harry Potter, here) or you would be happy with a 3-star rating, please seek a review from someone better qualified to read children’s fiction.
  • Send your book as an email attachment without first contacting me and receiving a “please send me a copy” reply from me. I will delete it without reading it because I can’t know if it’s legit or a virus.
  • Ask me to read your book if it has excessive violence (blood and guts descriptions or grapic depictions of abuse or rape) or foul language. I don’t expect a guy from the ‘hood to speak like a fine gentleman. However, if your CEOs use the same language in every situation that you might hear on the streets, I think you may need to re-think your character. If you’re unsure, then by all means send a sample and ask me.
  • Send me an email explaining your book after I’ve posted my review. I read each story as if I were an average reader. If you have to explain why you had an extreme amount of detail that slowed the pace or chose to use a certain technique (like the Soap Opera Gimmick), then maybe you should re-think your process. It probably went over the reader’s head and you may lose the next sale.

The Process

  • I usually take 2-4 weeks to read and reflect on the book before writing a review. However, I am a writer, too. That means I may be in the middle of drafting or editing and it may take some time to get to your book. If I’ve agreed to read it, I will eventually get to it. You can check the queue at any time to see where your book is in the list.
  • I promise to read at least 50 to 75 pages of the book. If I’m not enjoying it at that point, I’ll let you know that I’m not going to review it and why. I would rather leave you a positive review than a negative one.
  • I post my reviews on my blog, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and GoodReads. If you’re book isn’t listed on one of these sites, that site will be skipped.
  • I will email you when the reviews are posted.

If you have any other questions or you’re ready to send me a request, please don’t hesitate to contact me.