Master Cat Audiobook Is Here!


The audiobook is live!


Once again Matt Finch has outdone himself with his narration. The Master Cat audiobook is, perhaps, the best one yet. You can purchase it on Audible, Amazon or iTunes.

Listen to this sample to see just what you’ll be getting:


Want to know more about this book about a talking magical cat? Here’s the description:

Toby, a magical talking cat, has cut ties with the Office of Kingdom Guardianship, intent on finding his long-lost father and avenging his mother’s murder. He thought he left everyone behind, but someone from his past is stalking him. Now he must avoid this strange new menace while he seeks the truth about his family’s dark history, a history that threatens to unravel his sanity and cause the rest of the world to descend into madness.

Can Toby reconcile himself with the past or will his inner turmoil allow his enemy to plunge humanity into chaos once and for all?


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Get your copy of Master Cat at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Scribd and Inktera .

Buy the .mobi, .epub or .pdf version now 

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