Journeyman Cat Signed Paperback Goodreads Giveaway


Enter to win a signed paperback edition from this Journeyman Cat Goodreads Giveaway Oct. 23-25.

Want to know more about this book about a talking magical cat? Here’s the description:

Despite the war, despite that everyone else says he’s dead, Journeyman Toby continues to search for his father with the help of his human partner. When what promised to be another dead-end lead turns into something more, Toby pounces on the possibility like only a talking magical cat can. However, his questions regarding the secret goings-on of a local temple catches the attention of a mysterious cat whose sole ambition is to enslave the human race.

His supervisor orders the young tom to leave his informal investigation alone or be dismissed from the Office of Kingdom Guardianship. Even though he yearns to find his father, Toby obeys because it would mean taking away the one thing his partner cherishes: his position in the OKG. He follows orders, that is, until someone connected with the temple kills someone he loves.

Remember, the Journeyman Cat Goodreads Giveaway ends Oct. 25, 2013, so enter today.

Also available for Kindle.

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  1. Sandra says:

    I have always wanted an orange cat but it needs to get along with dogs, specifically my orange roan spaniel who loves and wants to play with cats. You have now written about orange cats and that will have to satisfy as I cannot take on any new animals for health reasons. I so enjoy your books!

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