Halloween Spooktacular $.99 Sale Oct. 30-Nov 4!


If you’re missing one of the Malkin books from Apprentice Cat to Huntress of the Malkin, now’s your chance to snag a copy. For a limited time (Oct. 30-Nov 4) you can buy the ENTIRE Master Cat series and the ENTIRE Malkin series for $.99. But don’t wait, because this sale ends Nov. 4.

You can also scroll down to purchase the pdf versions of these books.




Master Cat

Toby, a magical talking cat, has cut ties with the Office of Kingdom Guardianship, intent on finding his long-lost father and avenging his mother’s murder. He thought he left everyone behind, but someone from his past is stalking him. Now he must avoid this strange new menace while he seeks the truth about his family’s dark history, a history that threatens to unravel his sanity and cause the rest of the world to descend into madness.

Can Toby reconcile himself with the past or will his inner turmoil allow his enemy to plunge humanity into chaos once and for all?

Get your copy of Master Cat at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Scribd and Inktera.

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Now available at full price as an audiobook on Amazon,  Audible and iTunes. Listen to a 5-minute demo now.


Huntress of the Malkin (Malkin Novella #2)

Huntress of the MalkinAn accomplished healer of both cats and humans, Nadine finds herself whiskers to fangs with a demon while making what should have been a routine house call. Defeated, the demon soars away, but not before warning her that the world is about to be ripped from existence. Nadine casts the idea aside as the rantings of evil until she returns to her temple home to discover it in flames and her mentor vanished. When a visiting monk named Eli says her friend was taken by a religious extremist group looking for a book that can erase existence Nadine realizes she must take the demon’s warning seriously and go after them. Despite her misgivings about Eli, she takes him with her on what promises to be a fur-raising adventure.

Can Nadine keep the book from falling into the wrong hands and save her friend or will she doom all of creation to certain annihilation?

Ebook version available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iTunes.

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Journeyman Cat


Despite the war, despite that everyone else says he’s dead, Journeyman Toby continues to search for his father with the help of his human partner. When what promised tobe another dead-end lead turns into something more, Toby pounces on the possibility like only a talking magical cat can. However, his questions regarding the secret goings-on of a local temple catches the attention of a mysterious cat whose sole ambition is to enslave the human race.

His supervisor orders the young tom to leave his informal investigation alone or be dismissed from the Office of Kingdom Guardianship. Even though he yearns to find his father, Toby obeys because it would mean taking away the one thing his partner cherishes: his position in the OKG. He follows orders, that is, until someone connected with the temple kills someone he loves.

Get your copy of Journeyman Cat for Kindle, Nook, Scribd, iTunes and Kobo.

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Now available at full price as an audiobook on Audible and iTunes. Listen to a 5-minute demo now.


Secrets of the Malkin (Malkin Novella #1)

The humans want to kill all cats, be they ordinary or magical. The cats want to escape somewhere far from humans. Nadine is a feline social welfare agent whose sole wish is to re-unite the two races in this post-plague world.

After a narrow escape from orphaned teenagers determined to use her for target practice, Nadine is left terrified and wondering if there’s a way humans and felines can live together in peace.

She finds the answer to her worries in a story about a magical cat, a true Malkin called the Baruhk Sh’Toole. Unfortunately, the Baruhk Sh’Toole disappeared years ago, taking her secrets with her. Despite warnings from her friend, Nadine is determined to find this legendary cat and return life to normal.

With only a map of the queen’s last known location and a vague story to go on, the she-cat leaves her comfortable life for an adventure to the Outer Reaches, a place where the trappers will skin a cat alive and then consider killing it. There she must befriend a priest and hope he knows where to find the cat who can heal the world, but doesn’t want to be found.

Can a naive young social worker uncover the secrets of the Baruhk Sh’Toole and heal the widening rift between humans and cats or is Nadine doomed to be one more victim in the war?

Ebook version available for KindleNook, iTunes and Kobo.

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Apprentice Cat

Toby is a young tom who dreams of becoming an apprentice cat, a feline partnered with an apprentice human mage, at the King’s Academy of Mages. When he is partnered with Lorn Ribaldy, the nephew of known traitor Master Hecktor Ribaldy, he learns his dreams are in jeopardy. There are those who want to keep undesirables out and that includes Lorn and anyone associated with him.

In a meeting with Head Master Cat Meredith and Head Master Mage Jalen, Toby and Lorn are offered a way to change their status from provisional to permanent: find out why Toby’s father disappeared during a standard recon mission for the High Council.

Now all they have to do is keep up with their homework and survive a little espionage.

Get your copy of Apprentice Cat FREE for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Scribd and iTunes.

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Also available at full price as an audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Listen to a 5-minute demo now.

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