Simply Prayer CD Sets Available

April 16th, 2014

Simply Prayer

Simply Prayer

When we find ourselves stymied by what we think prayer should look like, it’s time to step back and think like a child. God loves each of us and wants to hear from us.

Prayer can be as complex as we want or as simple as we need, but sometimes we need a little help getting started. In this book you’ll discover the basics of:

  • Why we pray
  • How to pray
  • How to know your prayers are answered

From repetitions to labyrinths to dancing to journals, it is all Simply Prayer.

I am making this valuable tool available to you now as a Pay What You Want mp3 downloadable .zip file here on my web site for a limited time (April 16-April 21, 2014).


You can also purchase the 2-disc CD set by clicking on the Buy Now button. (Supplies limited) (domestic shipping only)


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