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Curious about what these people are about to hear? Check out this sample of Apprentice Cat.


Want to know more about this book about a talking magical cat? Here’s the description:

Apprentice Cat CoverToby is a young tom who dreams of becoming an apprentice cat, a feline partnered with an apprentice human mage, at the King’s Academy of Mages. When he is partnered with Lorn Ribaldy, the nephew of known traitor Master Hecktor Ribaldy, he learns his dreams are in jeopardy. There are those who want to keep undesirables out and that includes Lorn and anyone associated with him. In a meeting with Head Master Cat Meredith and Head Master Mage Jalen, Toby and Lorn are offered a way to change their status from provisional to permanent: find out why Toby’s father disappeared during a standard recon mission for the High Council. Now all they have to do is keep up with their homework and survive a little espionage.

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Also available in paperback and for KindleNookKobo and iPad via iTunes, as well as the audiobook on AudibleAmazon and iTunes.


Raves for Apprentice Cat:

“This is pure furry fun. Set in an alternative reality with horse-drawn carriages the mode of transportation, young Toby must prove to his mother…and himself…he’s a chip off the furry block when he applies to be an Apprentice Cat in a school for magical kitties who partner with equally magical humans. The writing is so seamless and matter of fact, the reader quickly becomes drawn into this world–magical cats? talking felines? evil magic? OF COURSE! In the book, it all makes sense. The author includes accurate cat behaviors to lend even more originality and credence to the fully drawn feline characters. Bravo!” — Amy D. Shojai, CABC

“I absolutely loved this book! It is so hard these days to find a good clean book that teaches some great morals, and has lovable characters and a strong plot. Easily five stars!” — J. A. Dalley, Author of The Zochtil, Read by Nick Sullivan

“My daughter devoured this book. She is a fan of the Warriors series and she was so excited about this read.” — Kathy Baker, Williamsport, PA


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