Author Bio

Virginia has been telling stories since she could hold a crayon, like most writers, but has also felt Called to ministry since she was a toddler. In fact, her first memory is of feeling the need to conquer her fear of the dark in order to get out of bed to pray for a passing ambulance when she was about two years old.

As long as she can remember her desire to write has been alternately eclipsed and balanced by her need to serve God. Throughout her school years she concentrated on her English courses, even lettering in it in high school. She was co-editor of the high school literary magazine, features editor of the high school newspaper and a stringer for the local newspaper all her senior year.

From high school she dove into getting a BA in English with a minor in journalism. She spent a semester on yearbook and one and a half years on staff with the college newspaper, ending as a features editor. She took one creative writing course in college (because it was the only one offered), but learned very little about good writing other than clichés are from the devil and the instructor hated anything smacking of genre.

During all those years she volunteered in her church doing anything from assistant VBS teacher when she was 13 to junior diaconate when she was 14. By the time she was a senior in high school she was a full member of the diaconate, in the adult choir and a substitute Sunday school teacher. In college she became a full-time children’s Sunday school teacher and volunteered annually as a counselor for the 3rd-5th grade summer camps.

When she graduated college she was hired as the part-time Christian Education Director of her church. At first it seemed a dream job – part-time duties serving God and the rest for her to write. However, the teeter-totter of her passions unbalanced soon after and she spent less and less time writing, leading to a strong feeling of restlessness.

Discontent, with the sole exception of meeting and marrying of her husband, and searching for meaning she took the advice of fellow ministers and entered seminary. Although she credits her seminary professors with expanding her theological knowledge, she soon found that ministry within a church wasn’t suited for her. Restlessness set in again.

With both herself and her husband going to graduate school full-time, and only part-time work available to either, the cost of living rose quickly. Grasping at any idea to help pay the rising bills, Virginia re-discovered her passion for writing. She found a joy she’d forgotten existed and with it a new direction for her life. After her husband graduated, she wrote a letter refusing ordination and promptly dropped out of seminary.

Since moving back to her home town, she has written a Bible study entitled Fear Not! Discovering God’s Promises For Our Lives and a book on simple methods of prayer called Simply Prayer. Her future plans include writing several Christian fantasies, as well as teaching various workshops and Bible studies.